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CARS is a national, award winning, non-profit auto safety and consumer advocacy organization working to save lives, prevent injuries, and protect consumers from auto-related fraud and abuse.

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What is CARS?
What is Yo-Yo Financing?
Yo-Yo Financing Trap
What Can You Do?
Yo-Yo Scams an Immoral Dealer Financing Practice
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What is the Yo-Yo Trap?

It's a highly sophisticated scam. After you have taken delivery of your new vehicle, the dealer calls to inform you that you did not qualify for the financing you had applied for at the time of sale and you must return and sign a new contract with new financing at a higher rate. Some call it "bait-and-switch financing." It's also called "spot delivery," since it involves letting you take delivery of your more...
Drivers Left on the Hook After Car Dealers Fail to Pay Off Trade-Ins

Most car dealers are decent and honest, but warnings abound about those who are less than honorable.
California has laws in place to protect consumers from getting taken, except in one especially critical area. more...
Yo Yo Financing

Here's the condensed version of this nationwide swindle. You bought a new car. You've been driving it for a couple weeks. It's great. It doesn't ping going up the smallest hill. It's pretty. Your pals don't snicker when you pick them up for your weekly golf game. Then you get the phone call more...

The Yo-Yo Trap

Predatory auto financing is on the rise. Yo-yo financing is one of the worst problems that plagues car buyers today. Here's how to avoid falling into the yo-yo financing trap.

Audio / Visual: Yo Yo Financing, see the video!

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Brought to you by Consumers for Auto Reliability & Safety (CARS) & Norman Taylor & Associates